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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Governor Ayo Fasoye's Wife Evangelist Feyisetan Turns 52

Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State congratulates his lovely wife as she turns 52 .
.FeyiSETAN: Ayo Fayose Historical Guiding Angel Clocks 52
By Adekunle Oke (Exponent)
It is not an unusual statement in Yoruba cultural parlance that "Ile ni a n wo, ki a to so omo l'oruko," (Meticulous attention into family background proceeds child's christening). Read more after cut....

As Yorubas, we believe that people live out the meanings of their names. Hence, Yoruba people put considerable effort into naming a baby.

Since it is generally believed that names are like spirits which would like to live out their meanings, parents do make a thorough search before giving names to their babies; just like FeyiSETAN must have been well sorted and appropriately given to our mother of perpetual help, the two term First Lady to the Ekiti State Governor, Mrs FeyiSETAN Fayose.

Several pages of articles have occupied dailies ever since the well deserved recurrent victory of Mr. Ayo Fayose started manifesting on June 21, 2014 and till date.

Ocean of praises along dichotomous congratulatory messages, jingles and advertorials have endlessly been aired in his honour.

These, among others are all well and good as admirers and lovers of good governance that outshines tyranny and had street credibility reasonably embedded.

However, limited number of people have put together same volume of praises and appreciation of virtues globally recognised and indigenously attested superb, in a woman with an historical native name coupled with a golden privilege to be the WIFE and at the same time the GUIDING ANGEL to the Ekiti State Governor, Evangelist FeyiSETAN Fayose.

Ekiti Kete, I have taken my time to study this gentle virtuous woman far and near. I have with realisability discovered that she was not only interested in her husband's destiny discovery, she was and is mostly much more concerned in its fulfillment to time.

Little I wondered, while peers and class group were busy enlarging their cosmetic make-up boxes, dancing round the towns, usurping responsibilities and jettisoning marital domestic obligations and duties as a wife and mother, our own FeyiSETAN was intensively drenched in prayers on the mountains. She sought God in secret and thence she has always been rewarded in the open.

It therefore turns a factual fact that a written encyclopedia about the historical return of Ayo Fayose into power without a chapter fully dedicated to FeyiSETAN Fayose, especially on a day like this when the rare gem celebrates her birthday, would be as titillating as a prose without an author.

This amounts to the fact that, the significant roles played by Evangelist FeyiSETAN in the political struggle so far can neither just be underestimated nor appreciated with dishonesty. She has indeed and in nature played the roles of a guiding Angel from the beginning to this present moment. Mummy, happy birthday to you!


Evangelist FeyiSETAN is a virtuous woman endowed with a stabilised moral rectitude that subjects that of peers to a serious challenge and criticism.

Findings have revealed that women of nowadays, most of them, have lost sight of what true beauty is and should be. Many have misplaced priority having saddled with dual responsibility of marriage and governance. The value of a virtuous woman, some have exchanged for frivolities of life; turning the blind eye to the fact that once good character is lost, all is lost.

Ekiti Kete, the ability to cuddle character with natural beauty had not only made FeyiSETAN Fayose a virtuous woman, but has presented her to the larger world as the spiritual pillar behind the usual and unprecedented outstanding success of her "lord," Ayo Fayose, just as Sarah often addresses Abraham in the holy Bible.

There seems to be an unspoken rule that women are not worth being seen in public unless they are dressed to the gills, with overdone make-up and flashy clothing. There are those who dress in high heels and bangle earrings to go grocery shopping, and others who squeeze themselves into jeans and form-fitting tops to join the parade at the local mall. Even older women seemed to have fallen prey to the idea that their beauty is wrapped up in how they look. Behold, FeyiSETAN has never for once subscribed to such an idea.

Unfortunately, many are obsessed with themselves, and they are often their own worst critics. They fret over their clothing size, and worry over their hair colour or style., The fact is that they are never happy with the way they look; as they continue to fuel their vanity and their need for attention. Behold, our FeyiSETAN is not an attention seeker or a parrot fashion promoter.

According to the revelation God gave to duo of Apostle Paul and Peter, women who, professed to be followers of Christ were to act with humility and modesty, in both their conduct and dresses. Their beauty was not to be found only in fancy hair style, outrageously expensive clothing, or excessive jewelry. Instead, their beauty was to be seen in the "hidden person" or their inner selves (I Peter 3:4). In other words, if the beauty is only skin deep, there is no real lasting beauty to be found.

Conversely, there is nothing wrong with a woman doing things to keep herself looking beautiful and well groomed. Frankly, God is not interested in the colour of lipstick she wears, nor does He care how many times she colours her hair in a year. But whatever she does is to be done in moderation so that her focus does not become imbalanced.

That, as a matter of fact and observation, has made our FeyiSETAN Fayose prefers simplicity of personality and of course defended the course of her husband with relentless prayers at the expense of frivolities. She is such a wife!

Proverbs 31:30 says, "Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord, shall be praised." Sequel to the above biblical order, may I therefore crave your indulgence to please let's FeyiSETAN be more praised, encouraged and appreciated for whom she has long time ago proved to be today as she clocks 52!

The kind of beauty that lasts is the one that reflects an inward heart of submission, and a love for God and His people.

Believe me, as women grow older, the evidence of their age will begin to appear. This is a natural process, a result of the fall of mankind. But it is her wisdom, her gentleness, and her peaceful submission to God that will continue to make her attractive long after the physical beauty fades.

Mummy, Ekiti people love you dearly. Keep shining in the glory of the Lord.

Once again ma, happy birthday to you, and thank you for being there for our governor, the Senior Advocate of the Masses, Gov. Ayodele Fayose, SAM.

Exponent writes from Igede-Ekiti.

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