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Monday, 28 November 2016

Brandy Throw Shade At Monica During Her SoulTrain Awards Performance

Last night, Brandy Norwood was honored with the Lady of Soul award and slayed her performance! She did a melody of hits ranging from “What About Us?” to “I Wanna Be Down” and finally closed with “Talk About Our Love” which features Kanye West. It was an electrifying performance, but what really has people talking is the alleged shade she threw at Monica!Read more after cut....

The original lyrics to the first verse of “Talk About Out Love” read, “What ya hear this time/ Go on and speak ya mind/ I know somebody’s lying/ It’s always something/ Her auntie told your cousin/ Then all/ your homies jumped in/ And now the whole hoods buzzing/ He said, she said/ Don’t let it get in ya head/ Baby don’t say/ Something that you will regret/ I’m on your team/ It’s us against them you’ll see/ Hey, we ain’t gon stop”

…however, per last night’s performance, Brandy definitely took a page out of the diva handbook and threw some shaaade about her and Monica’s petty feud over the last couple of months. During her performance, Brandy changed the above lyrics to:

“What ya hear this time
Go on and speak ya mind
I know somebody’s lying
It’s always something
Talking ish again
Then your whole fan base jumps in
Now the whole ‘Gram’s buzzing
He said, she said
Don’t let it get in ya head
Baby don’t say
Something that you will regret
I’m on my team
It’s me against me, you’ll see
Hey, I ain’t gon stop
They just need what I got”
The reason why people felt like it was directed towards Monica was because of the silent beef that took place during the blow up of Monica’s “So Gone Challenge.”

A fan had asked Miss Norwood if she would partake in the challenge and she responded, “chile bye.”

After that petty post after petty post were thrown back and forth between both singers.

Chiiile we wonder if Monica will make a clap-back. Word on the street is that she’s four months pregnant, so maybe Brandy will have the last jab this time.

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