Princess Diana's ex James Hewitt 'sent lewd naked selfies to a woman he met online’ - Ebals blog


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Monday, 16 November 2015

Princess Diana's ex James Hewitt 'sent lewd naked selfies to a woman he met online’

The former lover of Princess Diana sent a string of explicit selfies and hardcore pornographic images to a woman he met on an online dating site, it is claimed.
Disgraced former Army Major James Hewitt, 57, reportedly met the 38-year-old through a website where women can find rich, older men willing to pay for their companionship.
The businesswoman claimed the emails she received from Hewitt were 'extremely hardcore' and that he 'wasn't shy' in pursuing the virtual sexual relationship, which started in 2009.
According to the Sun, Hewitt also told the woman about sex parties he had at his home in Spain.AFTER CUT....IT'S NOT OVER YET....

She said: 'He asked me to visit him there and at his home in Gloucestershire but I was too nervous. He said he'd be involved in group sex.'
One photograph shows a man, apparently Hewitt, taking a naked selfie on his mobile phone.

The sensational claims come weeks after it emerged that private letters written by Princess Diana and Prince William to Hewitt have been secretly offered for sale in America.
The Mail on Sunday revealed how Hewitt went to elaborate lengths to conceal the fact that he was offering the eight letters and 26 cards for sale 'to the highest bidder'.

Many of the letters are innocent in tone with a lonely Diana thanking Hewitt from the bottom of her heart for his being a wonderful friend.
Diana's letters are full of affection, warmth and even gratitude towards her dashing new companion.

She constantly thanks Hewitt for being a wonderful friend and supporter, adding in one note that he had made a world of difference to her.

She gushes how one visit had left her able to face the coming week and jokes about her own lack of grammatical skills, saying she had to look the word 'inflicting' up in the dictionary.

Excerpts from some of Hewitt's letters have been previously revealed. He was caught in an undercover sting by a newspaper bragging that some of the later letters contained Diana's nickname for his penis. Other excerpts were read out by one of his lawyers during a documentary about his life.

When asked about the most recent allegations, Hewitt told the Sun: 'I don't know what you're talking about. Sorry.'

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