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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Civil servant jailed for ‘insulting’ Gov. Dankwambo of Gombe state and his mother

For daring to ‘insult’ Gov. Dankwambo of Gombe state and his mother, 35-year-old Abubakar Adamu, a civil servant with Gombe state government has been remanded in prison.

Adamu who works with the state’s Ministry of Higher Education, was sued by Inuwa Dattijo aka DJ Maitaya of the State Agency for Social Services, claimed the former sent him an audio recording where insulted the governor and his mother.

The prosecuting officer, Inspector Habibu Danjuma, told the court that the accused charged with one-count charge of fabricating false evidence, an offense that contravened Section 156 of the Penal Code Law, was unable to name the sender of the message, failing to give a satisfactory account of the said information.

Daily Trust reports that the case has been adjourned to September 26th.
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In Juliet Ibrahim, I have found what I’m looking for in a woman – Iceberg Slim

So in love Nigerian rapper, Iceberg Slim, who had grabbed his girlfriend, Juliet Ibrahim’s ass as birthday cake few week ago, in a chat with Vanguard, disclosed that the beautiful Ghanaian actress has got everything he’s looking for in a woman.

On what he looks out for in a woman, he said: “I’ve found what I’ve been looking for, in the woman that I have. The 3 C’s…Character, Charm, and Charisma.”
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Togolese Activist calls out Yemi Alade for supporting political tyranny in Togo

Following the crisis in Togo between the ruling class and the ruled, a Togolese Activist, Farida Nabourema, has called out Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade, for reportedly endorsing political tyranny in the country.

According to her, she used to like Yemi Alade but felt disappointed after spotting her singing to support one of the ‘most brutal dictators in Africa’.

 She further said that if she ever sees the singer in the street, she’s going to curse her because she (Yemi Alade) supports those feeding from the sweat of the oppressed.
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Rio Fredinard to become a professional boxer, 2 years after retiring from football

Rio Fredinard, who posted training videos to his social media accounts and jokingly challenging professional boxers such as Tyson Fury, Tony Bellew and David Haye to a fight in recent months, has announced plan to become a professional boxer, two years after retiring from football.

The 38-year-old former Manchester United defender, said he’s taking up the sport to stay fit in retirement from football and to channel his grief after the death of his wife , as he’s also expected to reveal more details at a press conference in London later today. His training will be filmed for a TV documentary series, as he aims to have his first fight as its concluding episode.

“The chance to prove myself in a new sport was a real draw. Boxing is an amazing sport for the mind and the body. I have always had a passion for it and this challenge is the perfect opportunity to show people what’s possible. It’s a challenge I’m not taking lightly, clearly not everyone can become a professional boxer, but with the team of experts Betfair are putting together and the drive I have to succeed, anything is possible” said Ferdinand.

Footballers like former Sheffield United midfielder Curtis Woodhouse, and the former Norwich striker Leon McKenzie made the switch to boxing with some success.
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‘How on earth will a serious government blame activities of IPOB on opposition’ – PDP

The People Democratic Party (PDP), through its National Publicity Secretary, Prince Dayo Adeyeye, has reacted to claims of Nigeria’s information minister, Lai Mohammed, who c laimed opposition are sponsors of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).
The statement reads;

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), is constrained once again to respond to the tirade by the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed who as usual, made an attempt at blaming a superficial opposition for the continuous gaffe of the Federal Government under the leadership of his Party, the All Progressives Congress (APC).

2. We had advised not a few times, that the APC should look inward and seek solutions to its self-induced challenges in government caused by its unpreparedness for governance; but since the Party seem set for self destruction, we shall not relent in helping to expose their ineptitude to the Nigerian populace.

3. We noticed that the Minister who is much known for his unbridled capacity for constant polarization of the polity rather than ardency in the proper dissemination of government policies and information to the populace, tried once again on Sunday, to shift blames of the poor handling of the agitations of IPOB by the Current Government to an opposition that exits only in his imagination.

4. It is disheartening that rather than accept blame for its ineptitude, the APC Government has continued to blame “enemies” real or imaginary for their woes.

5. How on earth will a serious minded government blame opposition parties which they have conveniently labelled “looters” for the activities of IPOB? But we take solace in the fact that the APC might actually know the looters, as the Party has clearly demonstrated it’s penchant for giving covers to people considered as corrupt.

6. The recent release of 48 Houses confiscated as proceed of crime back to a member of the APC who was standing trial for allegations of corruption readily comes to mind.

7. Much as we will continue to harp on the one sided corruption fight of this administration, we wish to urge the APC to look inwards in locating the looters using their ill-gotten wealth to sponsor separatist agitation against the Government of the Day.

8. It is instructive to note that we are aware of the internal crisis rocking the amalgam of interests that formed the APC and the struggle for power within the Government, as the noise of discontent keep rising on a daily basis from the Party.

9. Based on the above, it is no news that APC has been a problem unto itself which has affected the lives of the citizenry who daily gnash their teeth in regret for voting the APC into power in 2015.

10. We wish to put on record that agitation for actualisation of the State of Biafra was a total silent voice while the PDP was in power because of the Government of inclusiveness we provided for Nigerians who were made to experience what a genuine national government meant.

11. The APC should therefore, learn to mould itself into a real National Party, provide good leadership for the people and let the generality of Nigerians feel safe.

12. Finally as a Party, we had condemned and we are still condemning separatist movements tailored towards balkanising the Nation. We therefore make bold to further state, that the APC policies have been the catalyst for IPOB problem, and as such, the Party should do soul searching and correct the anomaly. No external enemy so to say, is working against this government. The government is it’s own worst enemy.

Long live the PDP! Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!

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Why we agreed to suspend strike, and what we will do if betrayed – ASUU

The Academic Staff Union of Nigerian Universities on Monday, suspended its one month, six days strike and has however said its battle with government is far from over.

Read the statement they just released:

Compatriots of the Press,
As part of the avowed commitment of our Union, ASUU, to building a virile Nigerian state, we address Nigerians through you once again on matters that are critical to the stability, security and development of our nation, particularly on the place of education and the constant affront against it by successive governments in Nigeria. Life has almost lost meaning to the average Nigerian today. Stories of suicide, insurrection and brigandage are commonplace with the degradation of educational and other institutional frameworks for apprehending the perversion of our cherished values.

Sadly, our leaders live in affluence while the people wallow in absolute poverty, which suggests callousness and indifference to the plight of the rest of Nigerians, and generates insecurity and violent conflict.
The place of education in the life and development of any country is generally acknowledged. Any nation that neglects education does so to its peril. Unfortunately, our country has chosen to follow this perilous path, over the years. The Academic Staff Union of Universities, our Union, has consistently called the attention of our country to, and challenged government after government on, the need to give education a pride of place in driving national development. While these struggles have yielded some substantive fruits, it is sad to note that the apathy and subterfuge of successive governments have resulted in incremental regrettable loss of progress and growth in the education sector, manifesting particularly in the deterioration and decay of the university system, with their negative consequences for the Nigerian society.

The 2001 FGN/ASUU Agreement came to be, after a tortuous journey spanning years of protests, national strikes and resilient struggles by the Union, supported by the Nigerian people. The 2001 Agreement was due for review in 2004. It, however, took Government two years and an ASUU strike to begin the review in 2006, and an additional two years of unwarranted provocation of academics due to needless foot-dragging and insincerity on the part of Government.

In the course of renegotiation of the 2001 FGN/ASUU Agreement, the FGN/ASUU Committee derived its direction from the terms of reference listed by the then Minister of Education and agreed that the essence of the re-negotiation was:

(i) To reverse the decay in the university system, in order to reposition it for greater responsibilities in national development;
(ii) To reverse the brain drain, not only by enhancing the remuneration of academic staff, but also by disengaging them from the encumbrances of a unified civil service structure;
(iii) To restore Nigerian universities, through immediate, massive and sustained financial intervention; and
(iv) To ensure genuine university autonomy and academic freedom.

The Negotiating Teams searched for, and arrived at minimal conditions for reversing the decay in the University System. Although the re-negotiation was completed in 2008, it took the government over a year to sign the Agreement – in 2009.

The failure of the Governments to implement substantial parts of the 2009 FGN/ASUU Agreement led to series of warning strikes and, ultimately, a total, comprehensive and indefinite strike action in 2011/2012. These actions forced the government to conduct a nationwide assessment of the needs for addressing the rot and decay in our public universities. The Needs Assessment Report, released in July 2012, called for immediate and comprehensive intervention and revitalization of the universities.

Unfortunately, although the government approved this report, it did not make any effort to address the issues raised. The failure of series of consultations, dialogues and interventions by well-meaning Nigerians to get government to do the right thing, once again, compelled our Union to embark on another strike action in 2013. The resolution of that strike action culminated in the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Federal Government on 11th December, 2013. The goal of the MoU is to reinforce the compelling need to implement the provisions of the extant Agreements/MoU on the increased funding of public universities.

Major items of the 2013 MoU include:
1) Fund for revitalization of the university system, amounting to N1.3 trillion in 6 years, based on yearly release of N220 billion, starting with N200 billion in 2013.

2) A dedicated revitalization account to be opened by FGN with CBN to warehouse the fund.

3) A central Monitoring Committee to monitor the implementation of the revitalization of the universities.

4) Payment of outstanding balance of the Earned Academic Allowances (EAA) after verification of the level of payment made from the initial of N30 billion.

5) Engagement of the services of public universities in special consultancy as a way of boosting IGR of the universities.

It is true that Government raised the hope of Nigerians on the promise of addressing the rot and decay in Nigerian public universities with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding and release of the initial sum of N200 billion.

 However, and unfortunate for Nigeria, the hope has since been dashed. Indeed, the current government has revealed that the said N200bn was taken from the TETFund intervention account. This, no doubt, is a case of robbing Peter to pay Peter. The Needs Assessment Intervention Funds were to be raised from other sources to complement the efforts of TETFund, not to undermine an agency which is a product of ASUU struggles. TETFund was not, and is not, meant to be a “cash cow” for the political class and our Union will continue to challenge any attempt to derail it from its original mandate.

There is always a question – Why must ASUU adopt the strike option considering its impact on the quality of education which the Union wants to raise? The answer to this is simple. ASUU’s resolve to forge a hitch-free academic calendar has been proven by the utmost restraint which it usually showed before embarking on strike action. ASUU as a national body did not embark on any strike between December 2013 and November 2016. ASUU’s strikes are forced on it by the tendency of the Federal and State Governments to renege on the agreements freely entered into by them. Successive Governments have demonstrated a strong antagonism to the patriotic goals underlying ASUU’s agitations.

Comrades and compatriots, the current strike has been necessitated by the non-implementation of the 2009 Agreement, 2013 MoU and the 2016 resolutions reached in the course of ASUU’s talks with representatives of the Federal Government under the chairmanship of the Senate President. Specifically, the issues in dispute are:
1. Funding for the Revitalization of Public Universities

2. Earned Academic Allowances (EAA)

3. Registration of Nigerian Universities Pension Management Company (NUPEMCO) and Pension Matters.

4. Universities Staff Schools

5. Fractionalization and Non-Payment of Salaries

6. Exemption of the University System from TSA

7. Poor funding and the proliferation of State Universities

With the commencement of the ongoing action on 12th August, 2017, we have held series of meetings and deliberations with the representatives of the Federal Government and arrived at a number of resolutions. These are captured in a Memorandum of Action (MoA) signed today, 18th September, 2017. For the avoidance of doubt, the new MoA is action-oriented because each item on the list has a time-line attached.

We want to state, unequivocally, that the continuous breach of trust by successive governments is the root cause of the continuing actions undertaken by our Union. The correct dictum is “Pacta sum servanda” (All agreements must be respected). The current resolutions, like every resolution, in a civil engagement, are based on mutual trust. It is our ardent hope that our trust will not be yet again misplaced. Consistent with the said prompt response, we expect that this government will abide strictly by all the timelines set out in the current resolutions. Our union deems it necessary to give a precautionary advice: should government unilaterally vary the agreement(s) it has signed with our union, we should not be held responsible for the consequences.

Having addressed the matter of the strike action, it is crucial that we address even a more fundamental issue; the state of the Nigerian nation. The industrial action, as well as the entire university system, which it seeks to protect have meaning within the context of the state of the nation. Whatever happens to the nation ultimately impacts the university system. The current sorry situation of the country, therefore, is a matter of grave concern for ASUU. From education to the economy, from the society to national security, and to the livelihood opportunities, the situation is worrisome. The government has announced with glee the movement away from recession, but to the ordinary Nigerian citizen the reality is different.

 Neither poverty nor hunger nor general suffering has reduced in level or intensity in our country. The general unrest among the labour Unions is a reflection of the deplorable condition under which the Nigerian worker operates, just as the growing incidence of suicide is an indication of the level of frustration and hopelessness of the average Nigerian citizen. There are no advances in policies that can substantially provide the welfare needs – employment, health, education, etc – of Nigerians outside the ruling class.

All in all, the mounting feeling of insecurity in the country is now palpable. A clear indication of the level of insecurity is the massive security personnel, with which our leaders and the elites surround themselves, leaving the masses unprotected, at the mercy of the violent hoodlums who have overrun the country. The plague of armed robbery, kidnapping, and other forms of criminality are enough threat to the peace of any polity. However, these violent acts are treated as minor problems in Nigeria, even when they are compounded by the rising tide of ethnic and religious conflicts.

The crux of the problem, in all these, however, is the inconsistent responses of the government, and its use of double standards in addressing the various issues, persons and groups that tug at the fabric of the country. Ultimately, the persistence of the problems is a result of the same paradigm that the people have suffered from – global liberalism.

ASUU is firmly convinced that the solution to the underdevelopment of our people is re-orienting Nigeria’s economy from neo-liberalism to a peoples-oriented model. The starting point is to exit the envelop-style budgeting and accord education its pride of place in the scheme of things.

After an elaborate and extensive consultation process, the National Executive Council (NEC) of ASUU has agreed to conditionally suspend the ongoing action, taking into cognizance that major proposals from government to address the contending issues in the strike action has a deadline of the end of October, 2017.

All members of ASUU are to resume work after their branch congresses tomorrow, 19th September, 2017. However, ASUU will not hesitate to review its position should government reneges on the signed Memorandum of Action.

As a Union of intellectuals, ASUU shall not relent in confronting all human and artificial barriers to a transformed university education for the betterment of Nigerians and our dear Nation. For us, this may be a life-time project. We owe it to prosperity, for the sake of our children and their children’s children.

We thank all Nigerians for their understanding of the irrepressible concern and concerted efforts of ASUU for an educational system and Nigeria of our dream.

In particular, our appreciation goes to members of the Press and our dear students who at various stages engaged ASUU leadership for clarifications on the basis of our struggle. Together we can make Nigerian universities enviable. Until and unless this happens, ASUU will not rest.
The struggle continues!
Thank you.
Biodun Ogunyemi
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Tattooed Nigerian Ghana returnee caught stealing shirt in Delta State (Photos)

A Nigerian Ghana returnee, who was caught stealing a shirt at Ugberikoko road in Sapele area of Delta state, was beaten mercilessly and disgraced by residents.

The tattooed man was caught last night, while coming out from a house where he stole another man’s shirt.

It was gathered that the notorious thief hunts for washed clothes spread, before stealing.
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Buhari signs proclamation banning IPOB

Prior to his departure on Sunday for the 72nd United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York, where he will be expected to address other world leaders today, sources in the Office of the Attorney General of the Federation alleged that President Buhari reportedly signed the presidential proclamation proscribing IPOB over the group’s involvement in alleged terrorist activities.

This is coming after the Nigerian who few days ago allegedly declared the group a terrorist organization, denied the move.
ThisDay reports that Buhari’s decision to sign the proclamation was a fallout of the sharp criticism that followed the declaration of IPOB as a terrorist organisation by the Nigerian Army at the weekend and
the group’s proscription by the South-east governors

With the signing of the proclamation by Buhari, a source in the attorney general’s office explained that the presidency had effectively initiated the formal process of proscribing IPOB in accordance with the provisions of the Terrorism (Prevention) Act, 2011. .

It also paved the way for the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF), Mr. Abubakar Malami (SAN) to head to court to give legal backing to the presidential proclamation.
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See photos of Diamond Platnumz’ side chic he cheated on Zari with and welcomed a baby

Few days back, we reported that Tanzanian singer, Diamond Platnumz , who has two kids with his girlfriend Zari, reportedly welcomed a baby boy with Tanzanian model Hamisa Mobetho. This came after a
leaked chat which had Zari calling out Hamisa was made public.

Hamiza who confirmed this report by naming her son Naseeb Abdul Juma which is Diamond’s real name and also setting up an Instagram account for her son, tagging Diamond Platnumz as the father, has also reportedly been the side chic for over a year.

Hamisa who just celebrated her son’s 4oth day, few months ago shared photos of herself at Diamond and Zari’s home, allegedly taken when Zari travelled out of the country.

In photos released by Celeb Chronicles, Diamond Platnumz’s mom and sister were also pictured at the hospital where Hamisa gave birth which is the same hospital Zari gave birth to her daughter, Tiffah. Here are the photos below;

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Davido’s babymama Sophia Momodu bares to dare in new photo

Davido’s Babymama, Sophie Momodu, is currently on vacation in Atlanta with their daughter, Imade!

The vlogger showed off her cleavage in this stunning new makeup photo which she shared on Instagram.

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Shocking reason married man with 4 kids drank rat poison

A Zimbabwean, married father of 4  and a senior driver, Saidi, attempted to take his own life by drinking rat poison after plans to marry his foreign mistress was Sabotaged at the very last-minute by his wife.

Saidi is reportedly said to be in a critical condition at Eddington Hospital ICU in the country.

Here is how a witness narrated the story online;
“Saidi who is married with 4 kids, fell in love with a Zulu woman whom he wanted to marry without further delay. He had planned to sell his car so he could raise the money to pay lobola for his bride last Saturday.

“Unfortunately his wife was two steps ahead of him and she hid the car’s registration book so the sale wouldn’t go through. His bride to be’s relatives were also gathering at her family home ready to start the lobola negotiations.

“In his moment of despair and frustration Saidi turned to rat poison and opted to take his life than to face the humiliation. He presently said to be in a coma with little to no change in his condition.”
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Yemi Alade debuts nose ring (photos)

Nigerian star singer Yemi Alade has joined the septum/nose ring gang.

The singer took to her Instagram page yesterday to show off her glittering ring. Do You like it?

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Man fatally shoots 34-year-old mother of his newborn son at home

A quick-tempered Queens man shot and killed the 34-year-old mother of his newborn son after the couple had a fight early Sunday, cops said.

The boyfriend, 31, blasted Luz Cuza in the head outside her home on 147th St. near 133rd Ave. in Jamaica at about 2 a.m., according to police. She was taken to Jamaica Hospital, where doctors tried in vain to save her.

Cops picked up the boyfriend, identified by sources as Robert Rodriguez, a short time later at 115th Ave. and 225th St. in Cambria Heights. They recovered a .40-caliber firearm, authorities said.

Suspect Robert Rodriguez is charged with murder, criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of a controlled substance and criminal possession of marijuana. His arraignment was pending early Monday.

Cuza’s brother, Ray Garcia, was at home with his sister when the crazed boyfriend pulled the trigger. He said the couple had been arguing that night.

“I didn’t think he was going to hurt her because she just gave birth to his son, like, two months ago,” he said.
Garcia was in a separate room when he heard a shot ring out.

“When I go to the front, my sister is laying on the ground with her eye almost popped out,” he said. “She was gasping for air.”
“When I saw that, I knew how much I loved my sister, because I started crying,” Garcia recalled, devastated.

“I said, ‘Don’t worry, I’m gonna save you.’ And I knocked on every neighbor’s house, because I didn’t have my phone with me.”
One of the neighbors had already called 911, but the boyfriend had fled.

Police caught up with Rodriguez, who works as a parking attendant in Manhattan, soon after.

Cops said there had been no previous calls for domestic violence at the home.
Neighbors said the suspect’s mother came by every weekend to spend time with the child.

The investigation was ongoing Sunday.
Source: NYDaily
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Nigerian man stabs friend to death over money in Kenya

A Nigerian was stabbed to death by a countryman in a dispute over money in Ruaka Town, Kiambaa sub-county, Kenya on Monday, 18th September.

An eyewitness said that the man pulled out a knife and stabbed his friend moments after arriving at his residence.

“The guy came over and they met at the gate. He stopped outside his friend’s car, knocked on the window, took out the knife and stabbed his friend in the chest,” a guard at the residence said.

Neighbors said the guard held the attacker and roughed him up, but was saved by police who arrived at the scene. They described the friends as secretive and reserved.

Police officers said the victim was stabbed several times on the chest following a confrontation over an unknown amount of money. The suspect is being held at Karuri police police station and the body of the victim was taken to Nairobi City Mortuary.
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ASUU suspends strike, orders University lecturers to resume today

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has announced a conditional suspension of its nationwide strike which started August 13th, five weeks ago.

Pictured above are President Muhammadu Buhari and ASUU President, Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi.

The union directed university lecturers to resume duty from today, Tuesday.
The suspension of the strike was announced on Monday evening after a meeting with the government delegation.

ASUU and the Federal Government Negotiation Team led by the Minister of Labour and Employment Senator Chris Ngige had lurked in the meeting that started about 4.00pm which was supposed to last for about one hour, but it dragged for about four hours before agreement was reached on all contending issues.

ASUU had commenced the indefinite nationwide strike due to the Federal Government’s failure to fulfill the 2009 agreement made with the union.
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For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief. Proverbs 24:16

Read: Luke 22:31-34

22:31 And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat:

22:32 But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.

22:33 And he said unto him, Lord, I am ready to go with thee, both into prison, and to death.

22:34 And he said, I tell thee, Peter, the cock shall not crow this day, before that thou shalt thrice deny that thou knowest me.


It’s a fact of life that we are all susceptible to making mistakes. However, when we make mistakes, we must have the strength of character to admit our mistakes and also to resolve never to repeat them again (Proverb 28:13). A child learning to walk will stand up, take a step or two and fall down again. You will observe however that in spite of these falls, he or she does not give up trying. The child will repeatedly make attempts at walking, and in the process of time, that child will not only walk, he or she will also run, leap and jump, all without falling to the ground like before. Do not turn a mistake into your final destination. Can you believe that because some people made a mistake in their faith in Christ, they gave up the race entirely and decided to die there? That is most unfortunate! Some people cannot forgive themselves for their denying Jesus at a very crucial moment when their faith was tested, or for falling into a particular sin that they have been preaching against all along. Such people need to learn from the example of Apostle Peter, who thrice denied Christ. The Lord had to make him realize that it was not over yet. That same Peter was the one who later led the other disciples in defending their faith in Christ and in propagating the Good News of the gospel around the world.

“Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a light unto me.” Micah 7:8

One lesson from this scripture is that the fact that you slipped and fell does not mean that the enemy has won the battle over your life. He hasn’t. It also says that there is the possibility of a comeback. From where you fell, you shall arise in Jesus’ Name. Your rise shall be more formidable! You may say that your case is a bad one because you have fallen so many times and you therefore concluded that it was better to stop trying. Oh, how wrong you are! Proverb 24:16 says it is possible for the righteous man to fall seven times and still rise. To fall seven times simply refers to the possibility of falling to a point of experiencing what most people will call the final or ultimate fall. Yet, even at that, if you are a child of God, the Lord says that you should not give up hope. Make another attempt at reconciling with the Lord, confess your weakness to Him, and ask for His help. He will lift you up and He will sustain you afterwards. So are you still on the floor? Arise now!

Key Point:
Falling and rising in the Christian faith does not make you a failure; it only shows that you are at the babyhood stage of maturity and would need to trust Jesus Christ the more.

Ezra 7-8
Ezekiel 43:13-27



1 Through the love of God our Saviour,
All will be well;
Free and changeless is His favour,
All, all is well.
Precious is the blood that healed us,
Perfect is the grace that sealed us,
Strong the hand stretched forth to shield us,
All must be well.

2 Though we pass through tribulation,
All will be well.
Ours is such a full salvation,
All, all is well.
Happy still in God confiding;
Fruitful if in Christ abiding;
Steadfast through the Spirit's guiding:
All must be well.

3 We expect a bright tomorrow;
All will be well.
Faith can sing through days of sorrow,
All, all is well.
On our Father's love relying,
Jesus every need supplying;
Or in living or in dying;
All must be well.
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Monday, 18 September 2017

Yemi Osinbajo with MD of IBTC, Yinka Sanni at The IBTC Foreign Investors Forum, State House. 18th September, 2017.

Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo with MD of IBTC, Yinka Sanni at The IBTC Foreign Investors Forum, State House. 18th September, 2017. Photos:
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Photos:Scott Disick is in love with 19 years Sofia

Sofia Richie went for a spin with her rumoured boyfriend Scott Disick in Calabasas on Saturday morning.
At 34, the hard-partying father-of-three is literally 15 years older than the 19-year-old Select Model, and the pair took the 101 North towards Santa Barabara.
That same day a source confirmed to Us Weekly that 'things became official over the past week' for the May-December duo.
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Photos:Northern Governors Arrive Abia State After IPOB Clash With Military.

A delegation of Northern Governors Forum, led by its chairman and Borno State governor, Alhaji Kashmir Shettima, including the Sokoto State Governor, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, the Kastina State Governor, Aminu Bello Masari, Plateau State Governor, Simon Dalong, Kebbi State Governor, Atiku Abubakar, are in Abia State to interact with the Governor, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu on the recent fracas between the Nigerian Army and members of IPOB in the state...
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Dolapo Osinbajo at the 40th Anniversary Celebration and 20th Bienial Conference/General Assembly of the Medical Association of Nigeria

Mrs Dolapo Osinbajo at the 40th Anniversary Celebration and 20th Bienial Conference/General Assembly of the Medical Association of Nigeria (MWAN) Sept.18 2017
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